The IX Ibero-American Congress of Science and Technology Indicators will take place in Bogotá, Colombia, from October 9th to 11th, 2013. The meeting is organized by the Network on Science and Technology Indicators (RICYT), the Ibero-American Observatory on Science, Technology and Society (CAEU/OEI), and the Colombian Observatory on Science and Technology (OCyT). 


The main theme of the meeting is "Science, Technology and Innovation in Ibero-America. Present outlook and future perspective" and it aims at expanding the discussion on the most relevant topics related to science, technology and innovation indicators. The Congress seeks to deepen the analysis on the progress reached so far in the measurement of science, technology and innovation across the region. It also aims at pondering about the future's main challenges given its use use as a tool in decision and policy-making in the Ibero-American countries. 


With the purpose to promote the exchange of experiences, experts in the production and analysis of science, technology and innovation indicators will participate in the meeting coming from various countries, international organizations as well as delegates from each S&T agency in Ibero-America, Latin America and the Caribbean. 


For this reason, there will be an a open call for the submission of papers that, in the framework of a research project, may contribute to the discussion of the Congress' main topis.